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Behruz heshmat

Behruz Heshmat Sculptor Behruz Heshmat was born in 1953 in Tabriz, Iran and moved to Austria to formally pursue sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts of Vienna (1976-1982), where he has lived ever since. He enrolled in masterclasses with Wander Bertoni, an Austrian sculptor of public art. Since then he has received many awards and commissions for public art installations, particularly in Austria and Germany.

the house is black (2013)

Since 1987 has worked closely with the “Wiener Kunstlerhaus” (Vienna Artists’ House), which awarded him the Gold Medal of Honour in 2005. He also won the Anna Sussmann Prize from the Anna and Heinrich Sussmann Foundation in 1991 and the prize for small sculpture at the Gabrovo Biennale in Bulgaria in 1981.

As well as having an international following of private collectors, Behruz’s sculptures are in the public collections of the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Berlin; the Federal Ministry for Art and Education, Austria (the BMUKK); and the City of Vienna.

His first solo exhibition in London is “The House is Black”, Rose Issa Projects (2013). Other recent solo exhibitions include “Do something! (VIII) Sculpture and Installation”, Porgy & Bess, Vienna (2012); “Schrein und Baumhäuser”, Vienna Fair, Vienna (2012); “Columns”, Gallery Gabriel, Vienna (2011); International Art Exhibition, Istanbul (2011); International Art Exhibition, Istanbul (2008); “Shrine” installation, A1 Gallery, Vienna (2006); “30 years in Exile”, Favoriten Culture Society, Vienna (2005); and “Behruz Heshmat”, Art Gallery ABAN, Teheran (2005); “39 Dada: Cross Borders”, Masc Foundation, Vienna (2004); “Shrine” installation, Exposition, Paris (2003); “Growth in the Desert”, Gallery Gabriel, Vienna (2002); and “Borders” installation, The Artists’ House, Vienna (2001).

Heshmat’s other solo shows include “Graben”, Hypo Bank Festival, Vienna (1997); “Screaming Heads” installation, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (1997); “House”, House Gallery, Vienna (1995); “Novelties from 1993 and 1994”, Gallery Cosmos, Vienna (1994); “Eisenhof”, Vienna (1993); “Longer Night of New Sounds”, Concert House, Vienna (1992); “Ins Licht gerückt”, Vienna City Hall (1991); “Walls”, Anna Sussmann Foundation, Vienna (1991); “Walls”, Gallery Gabriel, Vienna (1990); “The other book”, Vienna City Hall (1993); “Walls”, Gallery A4, Wels, Austria (1990); Gallery Gabriel, Vienna (1990, 1989); “Walls”, Renner – Institut, Vienna (1989); “Walls”, Bildungshaus St. Virgil, Salzburg (1980); Gallery Small, Vienna (1989); Gallery of the City of Vienna, Artists’ House– Passage Gallery (1984); Gallery Kartause, Gaming, Austria (1983); International Biennale of Gabrovo, Bulgaria (1981); “Haus der Begegnung”, Mödling, Austria (1980); installations in Hamburg, Vienna, Graz, Austria (1979); “Works by Behruz Heschmat”, AAI – Gallery Karl Strobl, Vienna (1978); and “Metal sculptures by Behruz Heschmat”, Gallery Usuli, Tabriz, Iran (1974, 1973).

Heshmat has also participated in several group shows, including “Sculpture/Space”, Lukas Feichtner Gallery, Vienna (2013); “City Stones”, Green Box, City Park Warsaw, Poland (2011); “Different: Similar”, Artists’ House, Vorarlberg, Austria (2010); “Installation Pilars”, Weinviertler Festival, Mailberg Palace, Austria (2004); “Untitled”, House of Energy, Vienna (2002); “Orient-Oxident”, Gallery Museum of Recall, Vienna (2000); “Untitled”, im DOK (Documentation Centre for Modern Art), St. Pölten (1999); “21 - International Marionette Theatre”, Mistelbach, Austria (1999); “Untitled”, Secession Building, Munich (1997); “Untitled”, AIDA Gallery, Hamburg (1993); “Untitled”, Feldkirch, Vorarlberg, Austria (1985); and “Metalwork by Behruz Heshmat and Kayoumarth Kiasat”, Gallery Sayhoun, Teheran, Iran (1974).

Over his 40-year career, Heshmat has also been commissioned to create several public artworks, including the “Column of Remembrance”, temporary installation in Brunner Market, Vienna (2012); “Columns 1, 2, 3”, temporary installation at The House of Artists, Vienna (2010); “Columns 1, 2, 3”, temporary installation at the Austrian Embassy, Ankara (2008), now a permanent installation at The University of Ankara; “Neue Heimat Tirol”, permanent installation at the Kunst am Bau, Kufstein, Tyrol, Austria (2006); “Altar of St. Johannes”, permanent installation at the Nepomuk Chapel, Vienna (2005); Permanent installation at the Or Chadasch Synagogue, Vienna (2004); “Columns”, permanent installation, Ybbsitz, Austria (2002); “Columns”, permanent installation, Tarrenz, Tyrol, Austria (2000); temporary installation at Mariahilferstrasse – Subway Station U3, Vienna (1995), now permanently in Oslip, Austria; “Columns”, permanent installation, Wiener Neustadt, Austria (1993); “Amstetten”, permanent installation in Oslip, Austria (1995); “The Artists’ House”, temporary installation, Charles Square, Vienna (1992), now permanent installation in Oslip, Austria; “Wall”, temporary installation, the Swiss Garden, Vienna (1991); “Aschik – Statue” (symbol of Azerbeijani folk music), temporary installation, City Park, Tabriz, Iran (1976); and a steel sculpture as a permanent installation for the Machine Factory, Tabriz, Iran (1975).

Heshmat has been invited to take part in several international symposia on sculpture, including the Sculpture Symposium, Garikula, Georgia (2005); the International Sculpture Symposium, Zirkus in der Landschaft, Ybbsitz, Austria (2002); the International Sculpture Symposium - Salvesen 2000, Tarrenz, Tyrol, Austria (2000); the First Sculpture Symposium, Baku, Azerbeijan (1998); the First Sculpture Symposium, Tiflis, Georgia (1997); the First Sculpture Symposium, Cesme, Turkey (1996); the First Beton Symposium, Gunskirchen/Wels, Austria (1993); the Metal Symposium, Ritten/Klobenstein, Tyrol, Austria (1992); the Wood Symposium, Palace Parz, Austria; the Symposium for Collection and Formation in Nature, Winden am See, Burgenland, Austria (1980); and the Sculpture Symposium, Gallery Alte Schmiede, Vienna (1977).





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